UM6P-CS offers An Engineering / Master Degree after completing a 5 years curricula:

  • 2 years Integrated Preparatory Cycle oriented towards Computer Science +
  • 3 years Engineering Cycle in Computer Science
The integrated preparatory cycle (2 years) aims to :
  • Offer solid scientific bases in mathematics for today’s data science world.
  • Develop the necessary prerequisites in computer science (computer architecture, algorithmic, introduction to programming).
  • Develop communication skills, in French and English, written and oral.
  • Acquire Essentials Working Methods for further studies and for professional opening. 
  • Offer mandatory basis in mathematics, probabilities and statistics for today data science world. 

Target Skills

Training Content

Our students will acquire the following skills:

  • Using theoretical knowledge to model and solve real problems, translate a real phenomenon into mathematical abstractions.
  • Understand transversal concepts in multiple computer science fields in terms of reasoning, abstraction and implementation of solutions.
  • Acquire the communication skills, jointly in French and English, essential for future engineers.
Semester 1

Semester 2


Semester 3


Semester 4


Admission Requirements


Admission to UM6P-CS is opened to all High school student with a Scientific Baccalaureate in Mathematics or physics wishing to follow a rigorous and demanding training allowing them to move towards engineering careers in the digital sciences

  • Outstanding results of the  baccalaureate exams  (Mention «très bien » or « bien » with an excellent academic record)
  • Written tests in Mathematics
  • Age under 21 on December 31 of the year of selection

How to apply ?


  • February to May 31st, 2022: Online submission of applications for the integrated Preparatory cycle access tests

  • Until July 5, 2022: Online additional documents

  • July 12, to July 15 2022 : Tests and Selection of Eligible Candidates

  • July 30,  2022: Deliberation

  • August 10, 2022: Admission results and Full or partial scholarships attribution

Check out this video for more informations

More informations

In line with its civic commitment, UM6P, a meritocratic university, supports the brightest students through an attractive system of academic scholarships and financial aid grants. Contact us for more information.​

75,000 MAD per year for the integrated preparatory cycle and the engineering cycle​ + Registration fees : 5,000.00

Catering fees (based on consumption)
Meals can be taken in the school cafeteria or in the University restaurant​
The apartments (groups of single rooms) are equipped with a kitchen, and therefore allow students who wish to be independent for all or part of their meals​

1,000 MAD per month for a single room in a 4-bedroom apartment on the campus​

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