Executive Master : Machine Learning and Data Science, Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Want to accelerate your professional career with credentials that will fast-track you to your job success?  Join the executive Master’s Program at UM6P.

These Masters programs are comprised of first-class faculty and distinguished scholars from prestigious Universities in Europe and North American countries.

In a unique configuration to create a bridge between industry and research, and to create cross-over knowledge, the programs welcome both executives and Master’s graduates wishing to pursue a PhD program.

Through these interactions and exchange of professional skills and competencies, Executives, Master’s and Doctoral students will learn, together, how to formulate and conceptualize the right solutions to problems they are facing on a daily basis.

Program Description

Blockchain and Cybersecurity :

The fast development of our digital society, based on a highly connected world and a massive use of cloud computing, raises a tremendous amount of challenging security issues (ensuring privacy, confidentiality, trust, etc, and detection and protection against attacks).The objective of this master program is to provide a comprehensive introduction to these issues and to solutions allowing to tackle them. The courses of this master program are :

  1. Blockchain and Distributed Trust.
  2. Security and Networking.
  3. End-to-End Encryption for Real World.
  4. Virtualisation and Cloud security.
  5. Cybersecurity (introduction to PenTest).

Cloud Computing systems :

Cloud computing is a type of on demand sharing of Internet-based computer resources and data. Cloud Computing technology allows companies to outsource their IT functions enabling greater productivity, IT flexibility, performance and agility. This model of computing allows IT departments to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation rather than on infrastructure maintenance and support. The objective of this master is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the foundations of Cloud Computing. It covers both conceptual and practical aspects of cloud Computing while addressing virtualization and cloud security.

  1. Systems Engineering.
  2. Concurrent Programming.
  3. Cloud Programming.
  4. Distributed Computing.
  5. Advanced Network Programming.

The Executive Master’s program will involve teaching modules that are at heart of the digital transformations of the biggest industrial groups, and will be grouped in two complementary topics:  


Machine Learning and Data Science :

Machine learning and data analysis algorithms are increasingly popular and widespread. They are used to solve different types of complex decision problems related to many important aspects of our modern life (finance, transportation, health, robots smart cities, etc ). The objective of this master program is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the area of machine learning and data science, covering both the conceptual and the practical aspects. The courses of this master program are :

  1. Machine Learning: Models and Algorithms.
  2. Deep Reinforcement Learning.
  3. Machine Learning & Recommender Systems.
  4. Programming Tools for Data Science.
  5. Data Storage and Management

Admission Criteria

Eligible Applicants

  • Engineers and individuals holding a Master’s degree in relevant fields
  • Individuals holding a Masters degree, whishing to apply for a Phd program in UM6P-CS

These programs will equip students with the relevant knowledge and practices needed to put themselves and their respective organizations at the forefront of the digital revolution.

These programs are also an opportunity for students to become members of a large network of data scientists, data analysts, machine learning engineers, blockchain and security engineers…

Additional Information

Duration : 25-30 days

Teaching mode : Part time

Training venue : UM6P Benguerir Campus

Seats : 24 participants

Corporate fees per Executive Master : 100.000,00 MAD HT ( Tuition + Accommodation Fees)

Individual pricing : Please contact us.

Application Deadline :Applications will be closed by October 31st, 2021 

Certification Requirement

 At the end of the program, a certificate is awarded to the participant having :

  • Completed the module of the program
  • Validated the evaluations specific to each module.

Application Requirement

  • Background in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics
  • B2/Upper intermediate English proficiency level is needed to apply for the program
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